Lions is a family oriented program that youth and his parent or caring adult partner join together.  A group of six to eight boys and their adult partners meet together in a group called a den.  Dens will meet approximately twice a month.  During the year Adult partners will take turns leading meetings or outings. Most meeting last about 45 mins while outings could last slightly longer.  Scouts and their adult partners will make lasting memories will have fun participating in high-energy, hands-on activities. 

Lion Trail

The Lion Badge is earned by completing any 5 of 12 Adventures in the Lions Adventure Book, books will be supplied by the pack. Adventures are complete during den meetings and outings. When an adventure is completed , the youth receives a sticker to put in his book. 


                  Lion Adventures:

    • Lion's Honor 
    • Fun on the Run 
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Mountain Lion
    • King of the Jungle
    • I'll Do it Myself
    • Pick My Path
    • Gizmos and Gadgets
    • On Your Marks
    • Build It Up, Knock It Down
    • Rumble in the Jungle
    • Ready, Set, Grow

Lion Award Stickers: