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Pack 258 Big Trip 2017 is Finally Here!!!!!!!

posted Apr 21, 2017, 3:09 PM by Web Master   [ updated Apr 21, 2017, 3:23 PM ]

“Pack 2 5 8”


The Moment You Have All Been Waiting for!!!!


!!! “Big Trip 2017” for Pack 258 Is Finally Here!!!

What are we doing?

On May 21, 2017 we will be spending the day participating at the world famous construction amusement park DIGGERLAND in West Berlin NJ, and end our day blowing off some “Loud and Proud” steam as we play and eat dinner with our fellow Scouts, family and friends, at the most out of this world Gaming Restaurant DAVE AND BUSTERS located in the Historic Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA.


What’s the agenda?

We begin our day at DIGGERLAND where you can drive full size backhoes, dig giant holes with real excavators, and operate just about every sort of construction machine you might imagine.


DIGGERLAND is loaded with hands-on, heavy construction equipment for you and your family’s operating enjoyment. With over 26 attraction, everything form the ARGO to YOU-DIG ZONES, plus a rock wall, ropes course, arcade and stunt shows! DIGGERLAND has everything to satisfy your deepest heavy construction fantasy.  (Your challenge is to figure out what an ARGO is?)


DIGGERLAND is a full day of some of the purest “Clean, Fun, Family Filth” for the entire family.  Oh, and lunch.


Have a look at

And as if we needed a perfect ending to an already perfect day!!!!

After our day at DIGGERLAND we will make our way to DAVE AND BUSTERS in Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA where we will eat, drink and challenge our Fellow Scouts, family, and friends to the many side by side video and arcade games that only DAVE AND BUSTERS can offer. ….

Need I mention that you will playing against the likes of the World Greatest CubMaster and Three-days-in-a-row World “Atari Pong” Champion, Mr. Craig Breiner?



Our first event will be DIGGERLAND.

The idea is to meet at DIGGERLAND @ 10:45 am and leave to go to DAVE AND BUSTERS at 4:30 pm.

The start time is not firm. If you cannot make DIGGERLAND @ 10:45 am, you can visit DIGGERLAND any time between 11:00 am 4:30 pm.

DAVE AND BUSTERS starts at 5:30 pm and ends after 8:30 pm.

The drive from the DIGGERLAND to DAVE AND BUSTERS is about 35 minutes. 



Fellow Scouts, Family and friends.




The prices for DIGGERLAND are as follows:

Pack 258 Cub Scouts and WEBELOS: General Admission Ticket and meal package will be paid by Pack 258

Children and Adults:

General Admission Tickets are $21.95 each and the meal Package is $7.95  ) with the meal Package options of:

A)  2 Chicken tenders, Fries and Drink         or

B)   2 Hot Dogs, Fries and Drink

Kids 65 years and older are free. (Meal packages are available at the door)

(Only one water bottle per person will be allowed into the park. Outside food and drinks are not permitted)

-         TICKET UPGRADES: You can add-on to your General Admission Ticket at the door.

!!Make sure you mention that it is a group add-on for the discounted rate.!!



The prices for DAVE AND BUSTERS are:

Admission Ticket for Pack 258 Cub Scouts and WEBELOS will be paid by Pack 258

Children and Adult Tickets are $22.99 each

DAVE AND BUSTERS Ticket includes:

The “Playoff Buffet Package which includes:


Bar Burgers, Crispy Chicken Bites, Four-Cheese Pizza Bites, Cavatappi Pasta with Marinara OR Baked Mac & Cheese, French Fries


A $20.00 Power card that can be recharged (See Dave and Busters Brochure)




DIGGERLAND USA is located off Cooper Road via Route 73 in West Berlin, NJ

100 Pinedge Drive (or Court)
West Berlin, NJ 08091


DAVE AND BUSTERS is located in historic Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

(Make sure you do not put the incorrect Dave and Busters location into your navigation source as there are three Dave and Busters in the near Philadelphia area)


325 North Columbus Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19106



All Scouts will wear their Yellow Pack 258 “T” Shirt, Sturdy Pants, and closed toe shoes.

(Please bring an extra set of clothes in case you get really “soiled” at DIGGERLAND.)

All others in our group are encouraged to wear a similar yellow color shirt as well. (Yellow Is the theme)


I will need your Firm reply and money as soon as possible with the first and last names of you each one of your guests.


I will need to find out ahead of time what you would like to eat at DIGGERLAND.

Choices are:

A)  2 Chicken tenders, Fries and Drink or

B)   2 Hot Dogs, Fries and Drink


I will attach this Word Document as well as a Word/Spreadsheet document named “Pack 258 Big Trip 2017 Reply Form” to this email.

(Please fill out and return to me by E-Mail the Word/Spreadsheet document named Pack 258 Big Trip 2017 RSVP Reply Form.)



Tom Epps


Web Master,
Apr 21, 2017, 3:09 PM
Web Master,
Apr 21, 2017, 3:09 PM