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POPCORN: A Note From Cubmaster Craig

posted Sep 22, 2017, 7:55 PM by Web Master   [ updated Sep 22, 2017, 7:55 PM ]
Pack 258 Gang,

Your Pack 258 committee members, Den Leaders, and myself (CubMaster Craig), want to welcome new and returning Pack 258 families to the 2017-­2018 Cub Scout season.

We are a “Loud and Proud” and active Pack.

We stay active all scout season to include summertime.

The way we stay active is with volunteering, participation, and money.

We have many events throughout Pack 258’s scouting season.

Pack 258 fundraise early in our scouting season to make the Scout season eventful.

Our main method of fundraising is selling popcorn.

Popcorn season is only several weeks long and then it closes (25 Oct 17) until the next scout year.

So here is what we need for your pack to have a successfully active season…

!!!!Sell Popcorn!!!!

- We need committed volunteers to fill all open holes on SignUpGenius signup sheets to sell popcorn at several storefronts on several dates.  (Check your Emails for Popcorn sales invites.)

- Families also need to sell popcorn individually.  This can be accomplished by:
    • Door to door Sales
    • Online Sales (There is information on your popcorn sales list to help with online sales.)
    • Friends and family

Here are just a few of the BIG reasons that will help the Pack and you:

-­ If your Scout sells $400 and over, Pack 258 will pay for your scout’s end of season “Big Trip”
-­ If your Scout sells $700 and over, Pack 258 will also reimburse $60.00 of your scout’s annual dues.
- There is a list of prizes for your scout to earn should he reach the prize amount.

!!!The biggest benefit to your scout fundraising is he is earning something and not simply being provided something!!!


Get out and Yell…  Get out and sell…

“Loud and Proud”

CubMaster Craig